Office Staff

Hours:  Monday-Friday   8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 828-396-7903
Fax:      828-396-8955

Mailing Address:
4076 US Highway 321-A
Sawmills, NC 28630



Christopher Todd
Town Administrator

Christopher has been with the Town of Sawmills since 2015.

The Town Administrator is responsible for the day to day operations of the Town and carrying out policies established by the Town Council.  The Town Administrator also, oversees the various departments of the town, leads the budgetary planning process, and other administrative duties.

Karen Clontz
Finance Officer

Karen has been with the Town of Sawmills since 2008.

The Finance Officer is responsible for performing cost control activities, monitoring revenues and expenditures, overseeing investment of town funds and preparing financial reports.  The finance officer monitors intergovernmental actions affecting the Town.

Kim Trivette
Office Manager

Kim has been with the Town of Sawmills since 2006.

The Office Manager is responsible for a well-organized and smooth running office. The go to person for answers and direction.  Major duties of the Officer Manager include human resources, payroll and assisting the Finance Officer.

Julie Good
Town Clerk

Julie has been with the Town of Sawmills since 2008.

The Town Clerk is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all Council meetings as well as recording all ordinances, resolutions, motions and votes made by the Council.  The Clerk also advertises all public meetings and hearings and compiles and distributes the Council agendas and Council Calendars.