Need a zoning permit?

Sawmills contracts with the Western Piedmont Council of Government (WPCOG) for planning services.

The Planner is in Sawmills on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00pm to 5:00pm

If you call or email anytime, the Planner might be able to write a permit and leave it waiting for you to pick up if it is a simple project. Some residential projects should be discussed in person; commercial projects most of the time require site plans that take more than a day to review.

Need a building or septic permit?

Directions to Caldwell County Building Inspections and Caldwell County Health Department

Need a rezoning?

Sawmills Planning Board and Town Council meet regularly to review rezonings and other matters. Contact Town Hall at (828) 396-7903 for an initial consult. Most rezoning cases take 4 months to process and cost $200 in application fees.

Need more information?

What age mobile homes can be moved to Sawmills? 1994-with a few exceptions and other conditions 

What can I do with my land? Table of Permitted Uses

What are my setbacks? Dimensional Table

Ordinances: Zoning, Subdivision, Watershed, Flood, Minimum Housing, Nuisances

Comprehensive Plan and Maps





 Online Zoning Map (Caldwell County GIS)

Zoning MapZoning Map